Broadcast: 26/02/2015

Get Fit

This week the team were...errrmm.. getting fit! Well, ok, they weren't but the lovely Sharon joined us to talk all about fitness. Now it was our intention that that would be what the show was about, but when Andy found out exactly how and why Sharon got into fitness, it was a story that had to be told. We hope you think so too.
And, as LGBT History Month nears the end, Cheryl was lucky enough to catch up with the very person who started the whole idea - Sue Sanders.
Broadcast: 19/02/2015

History Month

So,after a HUGE awards show last week, this week things got back to normal as we carry on looking into LGBT history month. This week the team re-broadcast an interview Mary did about 4 years ago with 75 year old Michael. Sadly he passed away last year, but his coming out story was such a great piece of history to collect we thought we'd re-air it again in his honour.
But it's not just the past that we've been looking at. In fact Matthew went off to talk to Chew Valley School about their new equalities team - the E -Team!
Plus, Ivan caught up with Morgan James who has been performing recently in Bristol with Post Modern Jukebox. Not heard of them? Check out the links section for their YouTube channel. They are very good indeed!
And so finally - the team had to say farewell to Emma. She's been part of ShoutOut for over two years now, but is moving away from the area. We wish her all the best and trust us, you'll hear her on air again with us for some of larger broadcasts coming later this year.
Broadcast: 12/02/2015

ShoutOut Listeners' Awards 2015 - The Results

Today - it's the ShoutOut Listeners' Awards 2015 - THE RESULTS!!

Find out who won all those awards you'ev been nominating on and voting for over the past few months. A BIG thank you to all of you for voting, and massive congratulations to our winners!
Broadcast: 05/02/2015

Lesbians & AfterDark

So the awards are closed and while the votes get counted, the show must go on. This week, the team were joined by the Badgers! Yes this group of lesbian women, who also happen to be behind the "Pool at the Pineapple" nights, also host the Women Live gigs. If you want to find out more, give George Clark a call on 07766 876651.
Also this week, ShoutOut is proud to announce it's BRAND NEW SHOW - ShoutOut AfterDark! Lunching in March, this round table show will cover a lot of subjects in a bit more depth than we would normally go into on our regular show. Terry and Mary joined Andy and Mitch in the studio to talk about it.
Broadcast: 29/01/2015

LGBT History Month

So, it's the LAST FEW DAYS! Yes this year's ShoutOut Listeners' Awards CLOSE SATURDAY AT MIDNIGHT! Please make sure you cast your votes if you haven't already. Go to to see who's in the finals and cast your votes.
Back to this week's show though - It's LGBT History Month next month (Feb) so the team did a bit of digging into what's going on in Bristol and the surrounding areas as they were joined by the team from Out Stories Bristol.
Plus, we have marriage equality here in the UK, and the USA is quite a way behind us. Well, Ivan was over in the US recently and managed to catch up with singer/songwriter Justin Utley to find out more about it.
Broadcast: 22/01/2015

Where the Bears Are

Things this week get very beary as the team are joined by Rick Copp! Writer for the Golden Girls, Scooby Doo, The Brady Bunch Movie and, Where The Bears Are! Find out how he got started, how he managed to get to write for the Golden Girls in his 20's and loads and loads about Where The Bears Are. But did he answer the big question? Will there be a series 4?
Also on the show, the team speak to Jo from Broken Rainbow - the only national LGBT domestic violence support organisation in the UK. Currently, they haven't secured their funding for the next few years and may have to close.
And finally, don't forget the ShoutOut Listeners' Awards for 2015 CLOSE SOON!! Yes, they will close on the 31st January so, if you haven't already, make sure you cast your vote!
Broadcast: 15/01/2015

Being a Jehovah's Witness and Coming Out

On this week' show Andy reveals just how intense the voting has been in this year's ShoutOut Listeners' Awards. Keep them coming. You can cast your vote at
Now, do you know who Jehovah is? Do you know much about Jehovah's Witnesses? Well we didn't either. But this week, former Jehovah's Witness Steve joined the team live in the studio to talk about being born into the faith and what happened when he came out.
Then finally, to turn the show in a completely different direction (as we like to do sometimes on ShoutOut) Andy caught up with the organiser of the new Rubber Men group who are forming a social club, starting this Sunday.
Broadcast: 08/01/2015

Pride - Looking Forward

So a new year...and Andy's got a bit of a cold. Sorry all, but he made it through the show and was able to kick off the finals of this year's ShoutOut Listeners' Awards! Who's in the finals? visit our website to find out more.
And talking of events, the year's biggest one is almost always Pride. Daryn joined the team live in the studio to fill us in on what's coming up this year and yes, we are pleased to be the first to announce Tina Cousins as a confirmed act!
And finally, as if that wasn't enough events, Heather caught up with the Women In Tune festival over in Wales.