Broadcast: 23/10/2014

Black , Gay and Confident

Well that was NOT how you start a show now was it Andy! Sorry all, he fluffed his lines, but still the show got going and this week it was all toilets! Well, actually it was an art show in a former toilet. Yes, weird we know, but actually quite interesting!
And ShoutOut's very own young Jon joined the team in the the studio. As a young, gay, BME (black minority ethnic) guy, he talked about Black History month as well as his own experiences so far being in two minority communities.
Then to round it off, after joining us live on air last week, Tim reported back on the Leather West events that took place over the weekend.
Don't forget one and all, the clocks go BACK this weekend!!
Broadcast: 16/10/2014

Bristol Leather Weekend

Well, how many new things this week? We welcomed brand new listeners on Base Radio and even spoke to ShoutOut Listeners' Awards winner DJ Daddy!
Steff also kicked off our new Events Feature "Out Shout" with the people from the new Proud Bar..
Plus, with the Leather Weekend coming up this weekend in Bristol, the team from LeatherWest joined us live in the studio to talk about what is planned. Hurry though, tickets are selling very fast!
Broadcast: 09/10/2014

We Celebrate World Mental Health Day

This week sees the global Mental Health Awareness Day take place on Friday. So this week the team spoke to several people on the subject. Julia and Sue joined Andy and Natalie to talk about "Rethink Mental Illness". You may have spotted them at Pride where they were handing out a rather interesting "quick self test" card. On the show to help raise awareness of mental health services available to the LGBT community, the team chatted to them about the various services on offer, as well as their future plans and ideas. If you'd like to know more, follow the links in the links section on the show page of our website, or give them a call: 0117 9031805 or email
Then the team had a very nice catch up with Michelle from The Emotional Wellness Program. Regular listeners will remember us talking to Michelle over 4 years ago when she was just starting the program. Now, it's not only doing very well, but it's growing too!
And finally, anyone remember what on Earth that heartbeat is all about??
Broadcast: 02/10/2014

Gay "Cure" Therapy

On today's show the team talked about the new Amazon Prime show, Transparent. Have you seen it? Let us know your thoughts.
Gay Cure Therapy? Thing of the past you may well think, but it can have quite a lasting effect as Andy and Emma found out when they spoke to writer John Sam Jones who had been through that very thing in the 70s.
And Stonewall are about to add the T to LGB as our friends from Out In Brighton found out for us.
Broadcast: 25/09/2014

Celebrating Age

So, Emma's back...and this time complete with her "Lesbian Lentil Soup" (strong stuff!!).
Is the LGBT community welcoming to older people? This week,Peter Main, Bristol's first openly gay Lord Mayor and Judith Brown, from Bristol Older People's Forum joined us in the studio to talk about everything from pro actively getting together to residential care.
And Dr Who is in town this weekend. Martin Spellacy managed to find out more for us.
Broadcast: 18/09/2014

Return from Gaza

this week the team spoke to Kerry-Ann Mendoza who has recently returned from a filming trip to Gaza. We spoke to her and her wife who was waiting for her at home about what the trip and what it meant to them.
And then Claire from Time4T gave us a call to talk about the recent Trans Comedy Awards which have led to a new series being taken up by the BBC.
Broadcast: 11/09/2014

Pride - The Movie

On this week's show the gang go to the movies.. Yes we were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with one of the people whose story the film Pride is based on. Out on Friday, this movie tells the story of the miners strike of the 80's and the support the LGBT community rallied together to help them.
Add to all that some fun and games courtesy of #explainafilmplotbadly and you end up with quite a few laughs in the studio.
If you see the movie, let us know your thoughts at
Broadcast: 04/09/2014

Combating Domestic Abuse

This week the show kicked off in rather a party mood as the team very happily announced that ShoutOut is now available on Pirate Nation Radio! We welcome listeners from there to ShoutOut.
Andy and Rose were then joined by Berkley and Pommy to talk about the not so nice subject of domestic violence. Sadly it is a reality and the two were keen to talk about the efforts being made and the groups and organisations available to help those in need. For more information, please see our links section.
And our USA friends at This Way Out radio reports for us on a brand new film called "Before You Know It" which celebrates the lives of three older gay men.