Broadcast: 10/04/2014

Body Image Research Update

So, to kick off the show, we spoke to Daryn, organiser of Bristol Pride, to find out how the petition against Councillor Windows becoming our next Lord Mayor is going. The online version has been taken down due to the starting of the local elections, but paper versions are available to sign in pretty much every LGBT venue in Bristol. Just ask the staff and put your name down if you agree too. At the time of broadcast, over 2000 votes have been collected, but 3500 are required in total so there's still quite a few needed.. You vote will count.

But on with the show...and this week it was a subject Andy is very interested in - that of body image. Glen Jankowski is a PhD researcher on body image and health psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University. He joined the team to talk about the issues and his findings on the subject. It's bound to be a subject we cover again and we'd love to hear your views and thoughts. Let us know at

And of course, episode 6 of Paradise Towers, our exclusive new sit com..
Broadcast: 03/04/2014

The Glitzy Girls are back!

Today on the show, Andy and Steff were joined by Mary to talk about the wonderful celebrations Mary had at the weekend when her and her girlfriend made history and became one of the first same sex couples to marry in England. Congrats girls!!

And Michelle from the Glitzy Girls joined the team live in the studio to talk about all the different T events going on in Bristol and the surrounding area. If you are interested and would like to know more, have a look at the link in our links section.

And things got just a little "spooky" in this week's episode of Paradise Towers. No, we wouldn't hire that medium either!

And finally, please have your say on Councillor Windows. The link to the petition against him becoming Lord Mayor is also in our links section.
Broadcast: 27/03/2014

Q the Voice and Wedding Special

This week the show probably couldn't fit anything more in it. To start off with, Ben, the organiser of Q The Voice joined the team along with Freddie, the winner! If you are getting withdrawal from your sundays, Andy had a bit of a recap for you which even managed to make Freddie relive that moment on the stage! He's off to record his winner's song soon and as soon as we have a copy we'll get it on the air for you. Plus don't forget you can see him perform live at Bristol Pride and London Pride this year. Will Q The Voice return next year?? "Quite possibly"...

Then, our very own Mary and her girlfriend Georgina joined the team live in the studio. The two are about to enter the history books as one of the first same sex couples to marry when the law comes into force this coming Saturday. Andy also had a bit of a nice surprise for them both too..

From everyone at ShoutOut, if you are getting married anytime soon, have a great day!!
Broadcast: 20/03/2014

Music, Dance and exercise!

On today's show, an update on the situation surrounding Councillor Chris Windows becoming Lord Mayor. Don't want him to be? Look for the petition Bristol Pride are organising (link in the links section).

And Norma from Strictly Pink and David from the LGBT fitness group and social joined the team in the studio to talk about their groups, but also about how keeping fit, dancing and exercising can lead to better mental health.

Episode 3 of Paradise Towers is also available on the podcast - spooky things? Well, we'll see you next Tuesday!

And finally - what IS "planking"??? Mary explains all to Andy.
Broadcast: 13/03/2014

LGBT Youth

This week we had a rather packed show.. To kick it all off was the celebration that LGBT people's marriages will be recognised from today. Plus, it's the first and only day to register for marriage in time to get married the first day it comes in to force (29th March 2014).

Councilor Windows (pictured) - well, we've been trying and trying and get him on the show and he keeps refusing to talk to us. Now, he won't even acknowledge Pride and, as it turns out, some Tory councilors have even told Pride sponsors to "get over it". What's the issue? Well Councilor Chris Windows, whom you may remember from our broadcasts of his homophobic outbursts in chambers, has been cleared to become our next Lord Mayor - a position a lot of our listeners feel should represent all the people and not something you believe Mr Windows is fit to do. We spoke to Daryn Carter, organiser of Bristol Pride, about the response (or lack of) he's had. He's also started a petition on the council's website. We would post the link up for you, but despite 5 days having now passed, it appears the council haven't posted the petition online yet.

LGBT Youth. Mitch joined the team to talk about youth groups in the area including the newly named EQUAL which she helps to run. The team talked about the need for groups such as these, what they do and the safe space they provide. If you are 13-19 and interested in going along, give Mitch a call on 07710 396 744.

And finally, episode 2 of Paradise Towers, our exclusive radio sitcom...
Broadcast: 06/03/2014

Bring on the Pride!

So, it may seem a little cold outside still, but things are well under way with the planning of this year's Bristol Pride. Daryn and Jane stopped into the studio to tell us a bit more about what to expect.

And, exclusive to ShoutOut, this week we launched the brand new sitcom - Paradise Towers... What a cheeky lift!
Broadcast: 27/02/2014

Women's Activism

On today's show, Andy and Mitch celebrated the very last week of LGBT History month. Andy kicked things off with a Bristol Quiz - only 3 questions, but how many do you know the answers to?
As next month also rolls into women's history month, for our final show on LGBT history, the team were joined live by Jane and Debi to talk about the suffragettes and women's rights and the struggles for them throughout time. To add to our discussion on the show, the Watershed will be screening a series of films. More details available via the links.
And the final part of our serialisation of "Jenny Lives with Martin and Eric" - the infamous book that lead to the introduction of section 28 - was broadcast tonight.
Broadcast: 20/02/2014

Bristol's hidden history

This week, sorry Andy let one rip and caused an earthquake apparently!!!

But seriously, it's still LGBT History Month so Mark from Red Lodge in Bristol joined us to talk about a few things history including Shakespeare's boyfriend??

And our 3rd in the series of the serialization of "Jenny Live with Eric and Martin".