Broadcast: 22/01/2015

Where the Bears Are

Things this week get very beary as the team are joined by Rick Copp! Writer for the Golden Girls, Scooby Doo, The Brady Bunch Movie and, Where The Bears Are! Find out how he got started, how he managed to get to write for the Golden Girls in his 20's and loads and loads about Where The Bears Are. But did he answer the big question? Will there be a series 4?
Also on the show, the team speak to Jo from Broken Rainbow - the only national LGBT domestic violence support organisation in the UK. Currently, they haven't secured their funding for the next few years and may have to close.
And finally, don't forget the ShoutOut Listeners' Awards for 2015 CLOSE SOON!! Yes, they will close on the 31st January so, if you haven't already, make sure you cast your vote!
Broadcast: 15/01/2015

Being a Jehovah's Witness and Coming Out

On this week' show Andy reveals just how intense the voting has been in this year's ShoutOut Listeners' Awards. Keep them coming. You can cast your vote at
Now, do you know who Jehovah is? Do you know much about Jehovah's Witnesses? Well we didn't either. But this week, former Jehovah's Witness Steve joined the team live in the studio to talk about being born into the faith and what happened when he came out.
Then finally, to turn the show in a completely different direction (as we like to do sometimes on ShoutOut) Andy caught up with the organiser of the new Rubber Men group who are forming a social club, starting this Sunday.
Broadcast: 08/01/2015

Pride - Looking Forward

So a new year...and Andy's got a bit of a cold. Sorry all, but he made it through the show and was able to kick off the finals of this year's ShoutOut Listeners' Awards! Who's in the finals? visit our website to find out more.
And talking of events, the year's biggest one is almost always Pride. Daryn joined the team live in the studio to fill us in on what's coming up this year and yes, we are pleased to be the first to announce Tina Cousins as a confirmed act!
And finally, as if that wasn't enough events, Heather caught up with the Women In Tune festival over in Wales.
Broadcast: 18/12/2014

The ShoutOut Christmas Cracker!

Well it's that time of year again and, as has become a tradition on ShoutOut, Andy hosted his annual festive "Christmas Cracker" show. This year it was quiz time. Play along and see how well you do.

From everyone here are ShoutOut, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We'll be back back in January..
Broadcast: 11/12/2014

Review of the year

So, what happens when the BCfm advert music goes ON and ON and ON?? Yes!
This week, Out Shout features lesbians playing with balls! Yes, really! Well, pool balls to be precise as George phoned in to tell us all about the gatherings that have been taking place on Fridays at the Pineapple. With lesbians from all over and of all abilities and ages they're asking for you to join them for the next two friday evenings before the Pineapple closes for a refurb. Rumours are that it might be closing for good but ShoutOut hasn't been able to verify those claims yet. We'll keep you posted.
Then, how about a look back and some of the LGBT news worthy events that have taken place throughout the year? Terry was joined by Finn Mackay and Peter Main as we chatted about everything from marriage equality to Eurovision.
And, it's quite a hot topic at the moment as Ivan grabbed his recorder when he and his partner Steve went along on day one (yesterday) of the change in the law to allow the conversion of civil partnerships to marriage.
Broadcast: 04/12/2014

Well travelled Bear

This week on the show it's all bells and bears.. Yes, it's Hibearnation in Bristol this weekend so two, well travelled bears, Alex and Kike, joined us in the studio. Travelling from Mexico to Spain to the USA to here.. talk about a global view of bears! Plus, in a first for ShoutOut, Kike is deaf so we spoke to him about the deaf community in Bristol and - to our surprise - find out how it's rapidly shrinking.
So bells... Yes, it was the second part of Matthew's report on the Friends of Dorothy bell ringers...
Don't forget, nominations for the ShoutOut Listeners' Awards 2014 are still open.. Get your nominations in now. Most categories are doing well, but as Andy pointed out on the show, some could do with your help if they are going to make it through to round 2.